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"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

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Bonjour. Just the thoughts and aspirations of a little princess who is bigger than her body gives her credit for and who happens to adore anything Disney

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  1. Hey tumblr, I need your opinion! This isn’t Disney related, but I’m making a costume for a party I’m going to this weekend. The problem is I don’t know which way it would look better! Also I’ll be adding additional pearl/rhinestone accents. So which version looks better?

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    3. sparklyleftiezebra answered: The second one
    4. the-fuck-is-pumpernickel answered: the outside one!
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    6. luna-lively answered: second… and congratulation it is really creative. now i want one too♥
    7. jeggifer answered: the second one with the shells on the outside.
    8. bmaccccc answered: bottom one
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    10. cosmicide answered: Bottom!
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      already planning my next halloween costume ;)
    12. iamtherealalice answered: the shells to the side look better
    13. satanslittlegirrl answered: sides
    14. princessdevinicole answered: outside
    15. disneydreamscometrue answered: I like the second one (:
    16. millennialalex answered: #2!
    17. whuphf answered: the first one!
    18. littlefaries answered: I like it better on the sides, but what if you tried different styles?
    19. itsallisonsoyeahh answered: the second one!
    20. upthecatpunx said: Shells in the middle
    21. emmellie answered: I think the shells off to the sides look better. :)
    22. lifesabeach2110 said: Find some cheap sunglasses and put the shells on them.
    23. smilesatflowers answered: I like the second picture. :)
    24. lifesabeach2110 answered: No shells.
    25. bingonightatthestripclub answered: I prefer the first version!
    26. kissablekat answered: shells to the outside.
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